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2010 California Regional Progress Report

The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) released the 2010 California Regional Progress Report: One State, Many Regions, Our Future at its December 3rd 2010 meeting. The Report highlights twenty place-based quality of life indicators showing the progress of the regions toward sustainability, as we address the critical challenges for our state's future, including the impacts of climate change.

ADE led a diverse team of more than 40 state, regional and local partners, advisors and stakeholders to prepare the Report, with the assistance of Caltrans, the Information Center on the Environment at UC Davis, Collaborative Economics and CALCOG. The SGC defines sustainability as the Three E's – a prosperous economy, healthy environment and equitable society.

The indicators are aligned with the objectives of the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC), an interagency council comprised of five cabinet secretaries and one private sector member, to support the creation of sustainable communities throughout California. This mission will be accomplished through grants; provision of data and information at the state, regional and local levels; and integration of the programs and initiatives of state agency and other partners. See

The report is a resource for decision makers, planners and others to guide planning and investment decisions, address disparities in how regions are doing, and promote regional successes so that all regions can advance. It contains information of major state and federal policy initiatives that can be leveraged to support sustainability efforts.

Caltrans provided funding for the Report, which builds on the California Regional Blueprint Planning Program being implemented by the Metropolitan Planning Agencies and regional transportation planning agencies. Project partners include California Forward, the Calaveras Council of Governments, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), and the WELL Network.

In 2011, ADE is leading state efforts to build capacity on developing and using sustainability indicators; coordinate agency and other research to develop new indicators in such important areas as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; and work with partners to recommend sustainability indicators for the 2012 California Regional Progress Report.

Download the 2010 California Regional Progress Report [PDF format]  

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Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative
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ADE is a consultant to Valley Vision on two regional collaborative initiatives, the Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative and the Sacramento Region Broadband Consortium. The Food System Collaborative is supporting the development of a regional food system to improve access to healthy foods, especially in neighborhoods with limited access; support famers by expanding local market opportunities, preserve important farmlands; and contribute to the sustainability of rural communities. This project is linked with SACOG's Regional Blueprint program through its Rural Urban Connections Strategy. For information on reports, resource materials, and activities, see:

ADE provides ongoing consulting expertise to Valley Vision and the California Emerging Technology Fund to address the Digital Divide in the Sacramento region and promote the adoption of information technologies, including for e-Health and telemedicine in the region's rural areas, the Smart Grid, smart transportation systems, emergency services, and education and workforce development. For more information on the Connection Capital Area Broadband Consortium, see: