The Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan prepared by ADE provides a new vision based on sustainability and environmental innovation

The Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan is the bi-state region’s first economic strategy, and is based on three economic clusters – green tourism and visitors services, health and wellness, and environmental innovation. The Plan’s vision is for the Basin to be a world class center of innovation and sustainability. It was created to reverse long-term economic decline and improve the standard of living and environmental outcomes in the Basin. Hundreds of community and business leaders, institutions, elected officials, residents, academia and philanthropic sector participated in the creation of this bottom up action plan. The strategy is aligned with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Regional Plan Update and Sustainably Communities Strategy, among other efforts.

The next phase of the project – implementation of the cluster action plans, will launch in early 2011. Visit for the Implementation Plan, cluster meetings summaries and presentations, other meeting presentations, and newspaper articles.

For additional information, see the Lake Tahoe Basin success story.